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Fork-King Fork Saver
Fork-King Fork Saver
Fork-King Fork Saver
Fork-King Fork Saver
Fork-King Fork Saver
Fork-King Fork Saver
Fork-King Fork Saver

Fork-King Fork Saver

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What makes the Fork-King motorcycle fork support the better choice?

How it is different to other fork supports? Well here’s the amazing part – it’s fully adjustable. There are no pre-determined set heights. Instead it utilises a thread and nut combination, allowing full adjustment for a perfect fit which also reduces the likelihood of it falling out.

What size dirt bikes will it fit? It will fit most mx bikes 85cc and up but can also be easily cut down to suit smaller bikes or bikes with lower suspension. Standard size without modification is from 250mm to 350mm.

Dimensions won't fit your bike? No problem, check out our how to videos located in the images on this page, the videos show how to modify the Fork-King for smaller bikes.

So what’s Fork-King made from? It’s Nylon66 with 25% glass fibre added. Talk about strength when it counts.

Australian Designed & Owned? Hell yeah !!

It’s Fork-King awesome!!

Fork-King Fork Supports are a simpler, smarter type of motorcycle fork support for use in dirt bike  transportation.

By having a full length thread with easy twist nut, these fork supports are able to quickly extend from the tyre to the mudguard leaving no gap.

Designed in Australia, Fork-Kings are able to suit most sizes of dirt bikes making transportation safer for your bike and others on the road.

Forget trying to pull your dirt bike down to meet the fork support, let the fork support take the effort away.

Fork-Kings are made of Nylon 66 with the addition of 25% glass fibre, this gives the product great strength to withstand constant pounding (no Fork-King pun intended).

The Fork-King Fork Support consists of 3 parts, the thread, the nut and the outer shaft.

Though there are 3 parts, they do not come part unless fully disassembled. This is due to the smart nut which keeps the pieces locked together, so there is no chance of you loosing one part.

Another design aspect of the Fork-King is the ability to easily modify the support in order to reduce the length so it can be used on dirt bikes that are less than 125cc.

Our easy to follow how to video shows how simple this process is.

Fork-Kings are designed in and shipped from Australia so you can be confident that you are shopping locally an getting the best quality product.

Have you ever wondered ‘why’ do you need a fork support for your motorbike? Well, there are a few reasons really.

The first reason is to stop pressure on your front suspension when transporting your motorcycle. When we pull down on our tie down straps we’re also pulling down on our suspension which in turn creates excessive pressure on springs and fork seals which can lead to the inconvenience, time and cost of having to replace the seals.

The second, and probably more important reason is to ensure that your bike remains safely on the back of your trailer or ute when transporting.

Without a fork support your bike has the ability to come loose due to the suspension being able to compress and decompress.